Anti Rugpull System

The liquidity pool will be locked for 2 years, while the developer accounts will be visible.


Fair Launch

Launch without pre-sale for all users with locked liquidity pool.


Burn & Lottery

Three initial draws followed by one monthly draw with a burn of the 40% of the jackpot.

what is One Day Rich

A new token with wonderfull features

One Day Rich is a token on the BSC network designed to give the opportunity to some lucky person to win large prizes in the form of tokens at scheduled times every month. The value will depend on the transactions that have taken place between draws.

Our Mission

To create the world's first token that generates wealth every month.

Our Vision

A new self-financed token model that distributes large profits.

The Future

One lucky winner every month, will it be you?

about us

Based Around A Global Community Network

We are a group of blockchain enthusiasts who believe that it is possible to make many people happy through this project. Follow us on our social media channels.

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How the tokens will be distributed.

10,000,000,000,000 tokens will be created.

60% will be added to the liquidity pool worth 6 BNB that will be blocked until the date 03-26-2024 at 10:00 p.m GMT+2.

15% of the tokens will be sent to a dedicated multisignature account for promotion prizes.

The remaining 25% will be sent to a multisignature account dedicated to advertising and marketing.

Promotion Lottery

Being one of the first to join comes with the following reward.

We will distribute 15% of the tokens among the first holders of our community.

5% of total tokens created will be sent at random to 1 holder wallet when we hit 1K holders.

5% of total tokens created will be sent by lottery to 1 holder wallet 15 days after CoinMarketCap listing.

5% of total tokens created will be sent by lottery to 1 holder wallet 15 days after CoinGecko listing.

Burning & Lottery

A giveaway every month that can change your life

Every last Friday of the month at 10:00 p.m GMT+2. EST there will be a draw for the 60% of the accumulated tokens in the Lottery Wallet (subtracting the transaction fees). The remaining 40% will be burned.

If there are less than 1000 holders, a single wallet will take the accumulated Jackpot.

If there are between 1000 and 2000 holders, there will be a 50% draw of the jackpot among the first 1000 holders and another draw between the remaining holders and the rest of the jackpot.

If there are more than 2000 holders, change the form of the draw to reward the retail buyer and encourage them to enter:

  • 20% of jackpot for the holders with 10% of token or more.
  • 30% of jackpot for the holders with between 1% and 10% of tokens.
  • 50% of jackpot for the holders with less than 1% of tokens.
One Day Rich Lottery

A great final giveaway when liquidity is unlocked.

70% of the liquidity will be send to an unique wallet in BNB among all holders with at least 1% of tokens in the wallet one hour before draw.

Future forecast

Our Future Roadmap

  • Idea Realization and Market Research
  • Architecture Design and Litepaper
  • Starting MVP Development
  • Social media launch
  • Web site launch
  • Token Fair launch
  • Lottery vault launch
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • Partner programs
  • DEX Listing

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen when liquidity is unlocked?

Final draw

How to buy on Pancakeswap?

What would happen if all the tokens are sold?

Liquidity would reach the maximum value and we will be happy forever.

What about Slippage Buy/Sell?

15% min. for each transaction => 10% to LP and 5% to lottery jackpot.

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